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Nightmare: terrible terrorist massacre in France

128 people were killed and about 200 injured in a series of terrorist attacks during the night of 13 on November 14 in Paris.
Around midnight several groups of terrorists simultaneously produced a series of attacks on the streets of the French capital. Near the stadium Stad de France during a friendly match between Germany and France three explosions rocked arranged by suicide bombers.
Terrorist attack bomb goes off during football game.

In addition, a group of gunmen attacked the building of the theater Bataclan during the concert of “Eagles of Death Metal” group. After police launched an operation to eliminate the terrorists in the theater, two of them detonated an explosive device, which led to the deaths of four police officers and a large number of hostages. Also, a number of terrorist groups have opened fire on people in the streets of Paris.
The first video after terrorist attack

A survivor speaks of a ‘bloodbath’.

France declares state of emergency after Paris attacks, additional police forces and army patrol the streets of the city.
According to preliminary information, some terrorists and their accomplices may still remain on the loose.
French President Francois Hollande, speaking on French television in connection with the events, said that a terrorist group «Islamic State» is behind the attacks.

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