Daily Archives: October 15, 2015

USA | When Peace Activists Met With the U.S. Institute of Peace

By David Swanson

I was part of a debate on Tuesday that involved a larger disagreement than any exhibited at the Democratic presidential candidates debate that evening. A group of peace activists met with the president, a board member, some vice presidents, and a senior fellow of the so-called U.S. Institute of Peace, a U.S. government institution that spends tens of millions of public dollars every year on things tangentially related to peace (including promoting wars) but has yet to oppose a single U.S. war in its 30-year history.

Turkey | Turkey: After the Ankara massacre

by David Barchard

The deaths of more than 100 left-wing peace demonstrators early on Saturday morning in the heart of Ankara has convulsed Turkey like no other event in its recent history, bringing demonstrators out onto the streets not only in Ankara and Istanbul but in other towns across the country.


Saakashvili became a member of the scandal. Recall that the US’s favorite leads the Odessa region of Ukraine last six months. As governor of the Odessa region, Saakashvili decided to intervene in a land conflict in the village Kryzhanovka, a suburb of Odessa. And he did it in a very specific form. In the last few years a conflict lasted in Kryzhanovka between the local community and businessman Oleg Ellie, who built in the village several high-rise buildings. Chairman of the village council Natalia Krupitsa believes that the businessman received the land in the village illegally. She is supported by majority of Kryzhanovka residents.