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USA | U.S. Backs Off Hard Line on Syrian President’s Future

The Obama administration entered a crucial round of international talks on Syria’s war prepared to accept a deal that leaves President Bashar al-Assad in place for several months or more during the transition to a new government.

The U.S. shift on the dictator’s future caps months of backtracking on the most significant obstacle to a resolution of the Syrian conflict. While U.S. officials once argued Mr. Assad couldn’t take part in a political transition, they have gradually eased that stance, eventually signaling he wouldn’t have to step down immediately. Now they are planning to negotiate the question of his future in talks being held Friday in Vienna.

Russia | The Salvation Committee of Ukraine apealed to European authorities

Former Ukrainian prime minister Nikolay Azarov and other members of the Salvation Committee of Ukraine wrote an open letter to European leaders. They ask EU leaders to help Ukrainian political prisoners. They mentioned there are about 4000 political prisoners in Ukraine, but published a list of 87 persons. Azarov and his follows believ EU intervention can liberate these people.

Venezuela | Nepal’s First Woman President is a Feminist, Communist

After centuries of monarchy, the young Republic of Nepal will be led by women both at the presidency and the congress.

The country’s Congress elected Wednesday lawmaker Bidya Bhandari as their new president in a historic vote.

Bhandari, 54, was the vice president of the country’s Communist Party (Unified Marxist-Leninist Party), and has a long record of activism in gender equality.

Moldovan government resigned

Moldovan society is strongly shocked for several months. People started mass rallies having known ruling pro-European coalition had stolen one billion dollars from state incomes. Moldova is a poor country and this plunger was dramatic for it. In spite of arrests and other repressive measures ruling coalition is unable to put down protests. That’s why it started to maneuver and made partial steps toward protestors.
October 29 government led by prime-minister Valery Strelets was resigned. Ruling coalition is split and not only opposition parties voted for resignation. Ruling Democratic party also supported them. This is characteristic for deep crisis of pro-European establishment.
Some days before authorities liberated Renato Usaty – one of prominent opposition leaders.
Anyway this government resignation can’t satisfy protesting masses. Their leaders from Socialist and Ours party insist on early elections for parliament and president and liberating of other political prisoners. Political struggle continues in Moldova.

Montenegro Opposition Mulls Options After Clashes

26 Oct 15

Opposition considers “new forms of resistance” as two leaders arrested amid violent clashes that rocked the capital Podgorica.

Montenegro’s strongest opposition alliance, the Democratic Front, vowed on Sunday to continue and strengthen its “fight for freedom”, after two of its officials were arrested when police broke up an anti-government demonstration late on Saturday in Podgorica.