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Meeting important for world security

The leaders of two strongest nuclear powers met in United Nations headquarter. It is well know that since Ukrainian crisis has started relations between Russia and the USA became tense. That is why many people waited for a meeting of two leaders Obama and Putin. This meeting finally took place on this Monday. The meeting was closed, both presidents have not given any interview, only Putin made shot remark for journalists. He said he was satisfied by negotiations.
“The New York Times” reports on this subject:
On Monday evening, the two presidents entered a small room with Russian and American flags and shook hands before their widely anticipated meeting. They ignored shouted questions on Syria. The meeting, the first between the two leaders in two years, was held in a Security Council consultation room.
Before the closed session, the prospects for close cooperation did not appear auspicious. Mr. Putin did not provide notice to Mr. Obama of the Russian decision earlier this month to set up an air hub near Latakia or to conclude an intelligence-sharing agreement on Sunday with Iraq, Iran and the Syrian government.
In recent days, the two sides sparred even over which one wanted the meeting more. Mr. Putin also appears to be coordinating his strategy with Iran, which has been Mr. Assad’s strongest backer.
Still, Mr. Obama and Mr. Putin did manage to work together in 2013 to forge an accord that called for Syria to give up its chemical arsenal. Mr. Putin pursued that accord to head off an American military strike that might have emboldened the Syrian opposition and undermined Mr. Assad, and since then the conflict in Ukraine has soured relations.
After the meeting Monday night, Mr. Putin said the discussions had been “very constructive, businesslike and frank.” American officials, who insisted on anonymity as a condition of briefing reporters, echoed that description, noting that half of the session had been spent on Ukraine and half on Syria.
Still, there was nothing to suggest that the two sides had overcome their differences on the future of Mr. Assad. “I think the Russians certainly understood the importance of there being a political resolution in Syria and there being a process that pursues a political resolution,” an American official said. “We have a difference about what the outcome of that process would be.”

We need waiting for additional information. It seems to appear soon, but it is not probable that Putin and Obama have found any common platform.

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