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Ukrainian army bombs Gorlovka

Having started at night in August 9 Ukrainian artillery 15 hours inflicted massive bombing of Gorlovka, resulted in a numerous destruction, fires, killed and wounded civilians. For the first time after several months, attacks were carried out not only at night but during the day. Significantly expanded range of weapons used for shelling. Ukraine shut down traffic on the route Gorlovka-Artyomovsk. Today’s shelling and the nature of the combat activity of the Ukrainian army artillery look very similar to preparation for the large-scale offensive.
Details of the bombing are terrible. Golmovsky settlement is almost completely destroyed. At least 5 civilians are killed. Some people were just torn to pieces by shells. There are also four seriously injured. 20 people received a heavy concussion. There is no precise data on the number of wounded. All of these victims are civilians from Gorlovka. Information about the rebellion’s army losses is not published.
Work on the city’s power station has stopped as a result of the shelling. Due to the lack of electricity it was cut off water in Gorlovka and in the neighboring Donetsk. The citizens receive water in Donetsk from the backup storage on a limited schedule. As for Gorlovka it has no any water.

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