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Financial Maidan renewed its activity

As a result of political upheavals, Ukraine’s economy felt in deep recession. The national currency sharply devalued against the US dollar, the real income of citizens decreased. As a result, many of them can not repay the loans they made during the reign of Yanukovych, when the position of the Ukrainian economy has been relatively favorable.
Now these debtors were united in the movement “Financial Maidan”. Its members periodically organize rallies and block roads. They demand from the authorities to change the law and give them the other terms of credit. They want laws to take into account not the interests of the banks only, but the interests of debtors, who lost their ability to pay without their guilt.
August 12 after a two-month break, “Financial Maidan” blocked the international highway in Mukachevo area. People blocked the road for nine hours. In this way they tried to attract the attention of the authorities. As a result, they have attracted the attention, but of different kind then had been expected. The prosecutor’s office opened a criminal case against them and accused of destabilizing the situation in the region. And the protesters’ demands were ignored. But the protesters were not frightened and intend to block the road again on August 26, if the authorities continue to ignore their demands.

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