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Warehouse of weapons produced in the USA is found in the ruins of Lugansk airport

Warehouse of weapons produced in the USA is found in the ruins of Lugansk airport — PGO of Peoples republic of Lugansk
Warehouse containing ammunition, small arms and heavy weapons, including the production of the United States, is found in ruins at the airport in Lugansk.
Leonid Tkachenko, the head of the investigation department of the Prosecutor General of PRL, told this at a briefing.
«Internal ministry officials carried an operation for the removal and fixing found firearms, ammunition, explosives and other weapons», — said Tkachenko.
According to him, major-general Alexander Nikolaenko vice-minister of Interior Minister personally led the operation.
«The essence of all events was as follows. When removing the ruins in the Lugansk airport workers found ammunition warehouse, small arms and heavy weapons, including US-made. Access to the premises before the day was physically impossible, because the entrance to the storage room was littered with debris”, — said Tkachenko.
He pointed out that among the weapons found were found man-portable air defense systems (MPADS). «In particular, presumably MPADS «Stinger». All of these items have special markings and symbols of belonging to the «US Department of Defense»», — said the head of department.
At the moment, all the weapons sent for examination. The investigation deals with the clearing up of country-producer, as well as figuring out how it appeared at the airport.


Found weapons fixed on video

According to recently published information weapon fixed at video is a falsification made with a rough mistakes. See details at: http://alogvinov.com/2015/07/poddelyivaya-stingeryi-mvd-lnr-za-osnovu-vzyali-model-iz-battlefield-3/

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