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Several Activists Picketed the US Consulate in Berlin

July 9, Oleg Muzyka, Antimaydan activist from Odessa, held a picket at the US consulate in Berlin. He presented photographs from Odessa and Donetsk. «Our picket has been lasted just over an hour. During this time we managed to communicate with Berliners and visitors alike. We answered questions, participants were shocked by what they saw and heard. At about two hundred people stopped near the photos spread out on the ground. But there were a few people with opposing views about what is happening in the Donbas. One family even introduced themselves that they are from Donetsk and proud that they are Banderas. The dialogue was short with them, when I told them that I am from Odessa and was in the House of Trade Unions. And I had to remind them about Nuremberg Trials», — Muzyka wrote.


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