Location Ukraine Ukraine

“Right sector” against OSCE mission

City Donetsk is regularly subjected to attacks by the settlement Avdeevka under Ukraine’s control. It is the systematic violation of the Minsk agreements. To find out the reasons for this special monitoring mission of the OSCE went to the observation post in Avdeevka. According to the press service of the mission the observers were not able to get to Avdeevka on July 7. They were stopped by armed members of the «Right Sector». Despite calls by Major-General of the Armed Forces of Ukraine, head of the Ukrainian part of the Joint Center for coordination and control of command of the antiterrorist operation, «Right Sector» refused to let the OSCE enter Avdeevka. According to the press service, the soldiers of the «Right Sector» insisted that they do not fall under the command of the Armed Forces of Ukraine and perform only their own orders. In this way, Ukrainian Fascists prevent international observers to record violations of the truce and continue fighting and destroying Donetsk.


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