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Russia | Ukrainian journalist changed his mind after arrest

Ukrainian journalist stopped supporting Maidan after arrest
A few days ago Russian media published an interview with a Ukrainian journalist Yevgeny Dovlatov. Dovlatov is known for his outrageous performances that were arranged in the time of Yanukovych. But under the new government he became the victim of Security service of Ukraine. It was a search in his flat. During the search it was planted a false evidence – grenade, after arrest he was tortured. Dovlatov was beaten in a sack and subjected to sexual violance. SSU investigators accused him of activities in a “People’s council of Nikolayev” and intention to organize terrorist activities.
Before arrest Dovlatov was an ardent supporter of the Maidan and the new government. Now he has come to the conclusion that at least half of what the Russian media show about Ukraine is true. Therefore Dovlatov realized the error of his earlier position and is ready to apologize to Putin.
About the circumstances of his release the journalist did not tell.
The full text is available http://m.lenta.ru/articles/2015/07/20/dovlatow/

USA | On the Situation in Odessa, Ukraine

Message from Odessa

Odessa region of Ukraine is extremely important for the Kiev authorities. Several lucrative ports with the flow of goods in transit, a strategically advantageous position in the area of ​​the Danube mouth, the economically active population, the infrastructure which is not fully destroyed during the years of independence – this is not a complete list of the region’s benefits.

Germany | Wie viel ist ein Soldat wert?

Die Organisation Schwarze Tulpe birgt in der Ostukraine getötete Soldaten. Der Krieg geht weiter, doch die Freiwilligen müssen nun aufhören. Der Staat hilft nicht.