Daily Archives: July 4, 2015

Germany | Berliners remember Odessa tragedy

July 2, 2015 in Berlin near the Ukrainian embassy it was a rally in memory of those killed in Odessa, May 2, 2014. Berliners also remembered the victims in the Donbas. There were requirements to the Ukrainian authorities – free Ukrainian journalists and other political prisoners. The participants chanted: “Murderers, cowards”. Embassy officials did not come to talk with protesters, but filmed video and take photographs from the windows of the embassy. The picketers promised to come to the walls of the embassy, until peace would come in Ukraine and until “the criminals who are in Kiev” would be punished.

Ukraine | “Right sector” calls for offensive in Donbas

July 3, there was a march in the center of Kiev organized by the “Right Sector”, battalion “Aydar” and a number of other military formations, as well as public organizations. Participants marched through the central streets of Kiev and on the street Grushevskogo put tires and set them on fire. The marchers demanded to give up the Minsk agreements and go on the offensive in the Donbas. They also demanded the release of their comrades who had been arrested on various charges.
Their action they called “Svyatoslav’s march” in honor of ancient Russian prince Svyatoslav know for his militancy.

USA | Land Grab in Ukraine is Monsanto’s Blackdoor to the EU

The quest for Ukraine’s legendary black earth is almost complete. To the dismay of French, Polish, German farmers, the multinational agricultural corporation Monsanto, as well as DuPont Pioneer and John Deere, have all lobbied for access to the largest agricultural market in Eastern Europe. This will soon reshape the market for agricultural products in the EU and spell ruin for Europe’s farmers.