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The head of Kharkov police defined pogrom in student campus as a flesh-mob

According to the Ukrainian media on June 11 at night a group of unknown persons ransacked in Kharkov. From 30 to 40 masked men armed with clubs and knives attacked passers in campus, where there are dormitories for foreign students. The pogrom lasted about half an hour. As a result of the attacks 9 people were stabbed. Five of the victims — the citizens of Jordan who are studying in Ukraine, and the rest — the citizens of Ukraine, who talked with them in the time of the thugs attack. In addition, two dogs were killed belonging to people who have been attacked. During this time, the rioters destroyed or damaged property café and six cars parked in the area of student dormitories.
June 12, police of Kharkov announced the arrest 5 suspects in the massacre, but says nothing about the motives of the crime. Police gives a strange assessments of this event. So the head of the Kharkov city police department Andrei Kryschenko declared that “it was some kind of a flash-mob» http://www.unian.ua/society/1088672-militsiya-biyka-ta-pogrom-u-harkivskomu-studmistechku-buli-splanovanimi.html Opposition journalist Andriy Manchuk explains the strange behavior of the police: the pogrom took place with the participation of soldiers of the regiment «Azov» put in the stuff of Ministry of Internal Affairs of Ukraine.
The regiment «Azov» is formed on the basis of the Nazi organization «Patriot of Ukraine», which originated in 2006 in Kharkov and pursued foreign students in the struggle for racial purity of Ukraine.

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