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Pro-Kiev Site is Close to Accuse EU of Treachery

Prominent pro-Kiev web-site «European truthe» dismayed at position of the EU Delegation in Ukraine. Editorial published an article «Minsk 2.5 – new ideas of Brussels helping Kremlin». On the basis of cloused sources in the government editor Serhiy Sidorenko accused the leadership of the EU in support of Russia. He received information that the European Union delegation insists that Ukraine must fulfill its obligations under the Minsk Agreement.
Explaining why the article was published, the editor of «European truthe» reported that would affect the position of the EU by public opinion. However, the representation of the EU confirmed its position of principle.

«Dear Serhiy, нere is the reaction to your article «Minsk 2.5 – new ideas of Brussels helping Kremlin»
·         The modalities of implementation of all provisions of the Minsk agreements are being discussed in the working groups of the Trilateral Contact Group.
·         The EU fully backs this process and advocates for the full implementation of the agreements in its bilateral contacts with the parties aiming at a peaceful resolution of the conflict in full respect of Ukraine’s independence, sovereignty and territorial integrity.
·         Furthermore, the EU condemns violations of the agreements, notably continued ceasefire violations and use of heavy weapons.
·         All sides to the Minsk Agreements declared their commitment to abide by the Package of Measures for their Implementation from February 2015, which sets a clear way forward with timelines for steps to be taken until the end 2015.
·         Article 11 of the Package of Measures outlines the agreement in relation to carrying out constitutional reform in Ukraine, including providing for adopting permanent legislation on the special status of certain areas of the Donetsk and Luhansk regions until the end of 2015″.

This statement caused a nervous reaction of Sidorenko, he believes that the EU reserves the Ukraine alone with Russia. By publishing the translation of the application of the EU, Sidorenko gave his comments specially for Ukrainian readers.
This nervous reaction and comments show that the Kiev government does not intend to carry out the Minsk Agreement, and seeks to use it only as a respite for the organization of a military victory over the Donbass.

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